Friday, March 6, 2009

Love the Mini

I want the new Mac Mini there is no computer in my room now. So I have to sit in my brothers room to use his and I want a Mac. The new mini is perfect for all my needs small form factor and multiple screens can be hook up to it.

A couple of weeks ago I though the Mac Mini was dead. Apple hadn't refresh it for yonks. Then came along the economic crisis I this will the last compact nail in the power efficient coffin. Thank god it survived and Apple refreshed it.

To the untrained eye it looks identical to the old one, in fact from the front it is exactly the same. But when you get around the back, instead of 1 DVI port there is a Mini Display Port the same as the ones of the latest Macbook family and a mini DVI port. This means you can have 2 screens with different stuff up, hooked up at once. If you don't believe look at Apple's web site

Other notable changes include an additional usb port and the firewire 400 hs been replace by a firewire 800 port.

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