Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lamest Feature Ever

Yes that is right, today i found an incredibly lame feature to osx Snow Leopard. This lame feature is drum role please; Date in menu bar no joke this on apple's very own site.
So is any one really existed about this new feature or who thought of putting that on a web page or is it even worth mentioning ever. I just think of that guy at apple who was tired of having to click the menu bar ever time he wanted to check the date. He probably thought to self I wish it just be displayed in the menu without clicking on it. On this same day it was likely he ran into one of the engineers at the water cooler and suggested the feature to him.

The next day, the apple engineer ran into the other apple employee again at the water cooler and said how he added that feature and love the notion of it. They both love it so much that mentioned to the web editor as a new feature for Snow Leopard.

It still doesn't account for the lameness factor .

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